Lacstation™ is an innovative vending solution providing supplies and support to breastfeeding moms.  We help companies create a culture that supports breastfeeding moms while not sacrificing the bottom line. 


why does your organization need Lacstation™?

  • To recruit and retain female employees

  • To enhance the family-friendly culture at your organization

  • To save on healthcare costs for the organization and for parents of young children

  • To reduce the stress that breastfeeding employees experience so that they can perform at their fullest potential

Honestly, when I heard about this I thought it was a little silly. How often would someone need to use it? Today I found myself running around the hospital in search of it. My breasts (and dress) were saved. Thank you!
— Johns Hopkins Hospital administrator

lacstation™ provides

  • Assessment of your organization's needs

  • Guidance on vending machine location(s) and products

  • Program implementation

  • Facilitation of stocking services

  • Assistance with internal marketing
  • Consultative services for a customized breastfeeding support program